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ACM Kanalventilator

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ACM Kanalventilator, in-line model 
med aftagelig hus og vinge.

A range of six In-Line Mixed Flow fans designed for use with rigid and flexible
ducting with energy efficiency and low sound levels in mind.
Vent-Axia Mixed flow fans offer almost two and a half times the pressure development
of conventional axial fans making them ideal for many ducted applications.

They are dimensionally compact and feature low noise and non-overloading characteristics.

The range consists of six sizes: 100, 125, 150, 200, 250 and 315mm with air volumes
from 220 to 1860m³/h at free air, suitable against working pressures up to
400 Pa.ACM100T and ACM150T have built-in adjustable timers. All other models, with
the exception of the ACM315 can be used with a timespan remote overrun timer, adjustable
3-25 minutes to comply with Building Regulations for internal rooms.

Suitable for most domestic and commercial applications particularly where space is
limited. Their compact size makes them ideal for refurbishment work and in restricted
ceiling voids. A full range of compatible ventilation accessories is available to
create a variety of input and extract systems to suit individual schemes.

Compact mixed flow blade design with guide vanes provides optimum pressure
characteristics. All sizes feature a removable motor body and impeller assembly
for easy cleaning without removing ductwork.

All motors are fitted with Standard Thermal Overload Protection. (S.T.O.P.).
Motors are speed controllable on their high speed setting. Designed for
ambient temperatures up to +50°C.

Size 100 and 125 with shaded pole motors. Size 150, 200, 250 and 315 with
capacitor start and run motors. All sizes are Class I appliances.
Supply voltage 220-240V/1/50Hz.

Electronic Controller - Surface mounting
Mixed flow fans are speed controllable (on high speed tapping only) using a
Vent-Axia 1.5Amp electronic controller. It will provide infinitely variable
speed control and features an On/Off/sensor slider with neon indicator.

There is an adjustable minimum speed setting. The controller is radio suppressed to
BS 800 and electrical connections for use with suitable external sensors are provided.
86 x 156 x 53mm (H x W x D).
Stock Ref. No. W30 03 10

For flush fitting a metal wall box accessory is available for use with the
surface mounting model for conduit connection.
Hole for wall box:
80 x 150 x 50mm (H x W x D).
Stock Ref. No. 40 01 44

Ambient Response Humidity Sensor
Self programming electronic On/Off wall mounted humidity sensor which reacts
to any rapid increase in humidity and temperature. Night time RH increment
setback feature.
Stock Ref. No. 56 35 50

Timespan - Surface mounting
Adjustable timer with overrun facility for fans ventilating internal rooms.
Stock Ref. No. 56 35 19

A surface mounting back box is available.
Stock Ref. No. 41 00 20

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